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OCTOBER - 2015
MTRMTR Level 1 Training Course10/31/2015
0730Bromley Mtn Resort John Winne
MAY - 2016
MTRMOUNTAIN TRAVEL RESCUE ENHANCEMENT: “Land Navigation Continuing Education Seminar”05/08/2016 8 am to 5 pm Shawnee Peak Ski Resort, Bridgton, Maine Deborah “Deb” A. Brown
NSP COURSE #: 34744 Description: This NSP MTR Program will offer a LAND NAVIGATION CONTINUING EDUCATION SEMINAR and is designed to help you to learn and practice, with supervision and mentors, to improve your navigation skills. This course is offered to both NSP and Non-NSP members to enhance their knowledge of Land Navigation skills with a focus on map reading and compass skills. As a general rule, Land Navigation skills take many hours of practice and hands on experience. This course will attempt to allow the participant both classroom exposure reviewing these skills as well as field work to practice these skills. Since this is a “perishable” skill, this course is designed to allow a full day of both didactic and hands on experience in a comfortable environment with appropriate supervision from experienced MTR instructors. Equipment: The Terrain we will be using will require sturdy hiking shoes with gators. Your own “personal protection equipment” including eye protection, gloves, hats, hiking poles, bug spray, tick repellent will be useful. We will spend approximately 4-5 hours in the field environment so please make sure you are familiar with and bring the “Ten Essentials” For outside field work. Area maps will be provided. GPS Units will be provided, however, if you have your own GPS, feel free to bring your own. Students are encouraged to bring their own compass, ruler and pencil. We will be working from the 2nd edition of the Mountain and Travel Rescue Text Book: Recommend reading chapter 9 prior to class. Books available for sale online in print and electronic formats. If you are interested in this course and/or if you know anyone who may be interested in this course, please pass this information on! Any other questions please ask! We look forward to hearing from you! See you at Shawnee Peak in May!

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